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English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

English Speaking Course in Chandigarh

We know speaking is a core component of the IELTS test, then why not prefer the best English-speaking course in Chandigarh? The IELTS test is an integral part of the overseas university application process and obtaining work visas to specific English-speaking countries, including the UK and Australia. 


The Speaking test is the core component of the comprehensive IELTS test. Performing excellent here is crucial to getting a good overall score and getting the bands you desire to enter your dream course. While it is common to get nervous about preparing for the speaking test, you shouldn’t believe the misconceptions about the test, mainly from 3rd party experiences. This article will debunk the common myths and misconceptions about the IELTS speaking test to keep you back on track. 


Ready, let’s start!


A native accent is necessary to score well

You may have an accent local to your country, and you don’t have to get penalized for it. Your accent or slang isn’t part of the evaluation criteria and may not affect your score. 

Instead, you should pay attention to the evaluation, including your


  • Pronunciation, 
  • Use of grammar, 
  • Fluency and,
  • Coherence of your argument and conversation


An ideal way to practice is reading aloud. It will improve your pronunciation. Also, you can practice with family, friends, or even teachers to see if they understand you and if your ideas flow naturally well. 


The speaking test is easy and simple to score

To debunk this myth, you can get the best speaking course in Chandigarh, sector- 34. Yes, we can help you with the challenges that require ample practice. Our team offers the speaking course depending on your preference and unique situations. All you have to do is discuss issues and abstract ideas. You can even talk about yourself to ensure your thoughts and speech are coherent with good pronunciation. 


Being polite and courteous will help score better

When engaged in a conversation, basic manners should include being polite, kind, and smiling.


It does help the interaction progress, but it is not a criterion for evaluation. You should not be concerned with being overly courteous but rather concentrate on the conversation and topic at hand.


Using short and simple sentences makes fewer mistakes

Simpler phrases may appear to be a good tactic, but you’ll also be judged on how well you connect ideas and your grammatical range and sentence structure. Your ability to use sentences, verbs and time clauses is harmed. Shorter, simpler words limit your capacity to truly shine and stand out in dialogue, leaving the examiner no choice except to penalize you. Over the past few years, we have been in this profession, offering the best English-speaking course in Chandigarh.


Not asking the examiner to repeat the question

During the IELTS Speaking test, a common fear is attempting to answer each question even if you don’t understand the question or have heard it accurately. 


This is wrong! 


It is acceptable to ask the examiner to repeat the question or phrase it differently so that you can understand them better. It would be best if you always asked for clarification when you are unsure. It will help you score better when you understand the topic. 


So, separate facts from fiction with our English speaking course in Chandigarh and avoid every misconception regarding IELTS English speaking!