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Best TOEFL Institute in Chandigarh

Best TOEFL Institute in Chandigarh

An ideal way to pass the TOEFL exam could be to join the Best TOEFL institute in Chandigarh. All you need is some effort and hard work. Plus, you can follow some tips along the way to give your best.


The TOEFL exam determines whether you have the English-language aptitude required to complete a college degree program. In reality, a TOEFL passing score is high enough to get you into the schools you want to attend. Therefore, the score you need to pass this exam may vary depending on where you are applying.


Ready, here we go!


Know The Format

No matter how excellent your English may be, it’s still possible to be thrown off by a test format. You can spend some time on the official TOEFL site to get familiar with how it works and find any information you need. 


There are two ways to take the test, the internet-based test, and the paper-based test. You should prefer the latter one to focus and ultimately gain fruitful results. But just in case, here’s how they are set out. 


The internet-based test may comprise the following-

  • Reading (36-56 questions; 60-80 minutes)
  • Listening (34-51 questions; 60-90 minutes)
  • Speaking (6 tasks; 20 minutes)
  • Writing (2 essays; 50 minutes) 


The paper-based test may comprise the following-

  • Listening (50 questions; 30-40 minutes)
  • Writing (40 questions; 25 minutes)
  • Reading (50 questions; 55 minutes)
  • Test of Written English (1 essay; 30 minutes)


Routine Is A Must!

After the Best TOEFL institute in Chandigarh, the best thing in your mind is you can draw up a schedule and stick to it. This will help you save your time and get a lot more done soon. Start with studying for one to two hours every day. Then expand these into three hours slowly as you ramp up previous hours.


Practice, Practice, Practice!

You don’t need to stress out. You only have to practice questions from the best TOEFL institute in Chandigarh. Practice is the best preparation! And by the time of your actual test, you’ll experience and learn not to puff off any part of it.


Grammar And Vocabulary Are The Main Focus

Always remember that this is a test of how much English you know. In the end, all languages are about words called vocabulary, and how you connect those words is grammar. You must prove your knowledge of English. It should be at the right level for you to pass the test. How do you that?



  • Learn some new words and expressions every day
  • Prove you learn those new words
  • Try to include them in your writing and speaking practice
  • Only use the words you know


Reading And Listening

Another tip to pass the TOEFL exam is to practice by reading academic texts and listening to lectures. For instance, you may look for phrases like “another point that I’d like to make…” and “this takes us to… ” This way, you’ll find important information.


Speaking And Writing

You may practice with a partner. They may be from your Best TOEFL institute in Chandigarh or your friend. Ensure your message is clear with both speaking and writing. You can achieve this by the following steps:


  • Decide on your main ideas
  • After you start, DO NOT change the focus of your writing 
  • Ensure understanding the connection between your ideas


Work On Your Attitude

Everybody has exam nerves. Some stress level is good as they can help motivate and focus on your goals. But if you worry too much, you won’t be able to prove your actual English skill level in the exam. So, do not let that happen. Remain calm and confident!


What’s the idea of preparing for your exam with the Best TOEFL institute in Chandigarh? Get good results and pass on your first attempt. Shine out!